Black-Flex FFC

New at ZeB: Black-Flex FFC from SUMIDA

19. March 2021

The Nuremberg-based specialist for connection technology ZeB Elektrotechnik has a new development from SUMIDA flexible connections in its product portfolio. Highly flexible FFC cables (Flexible Flat Cables) with black insulation foil are offered under the name PANTA Black-Flex FFC. Due to their black colour, they are easy to install and hide in shadow joints. SUMIDA […]

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Low-Ohm series UR73V – Higher performance, improved T.C.R.

30. September 2020

KOA now offers the Thick Film Low Ohm series UE73V with improved performance data. The Current Sensing Resistor is available in the sizes 0805 and 1206, the value range in each case goes from 10 mOhm to 100 mOhm. From 15 mOhm (size 0805) resp. from 12 mOhm (size 1206) on a T.C.R. of 75 […]

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High Power Shunt

HS series from KOA – current sensing with 50 µΩ

7. July 2020

KOA now offers the high current measuring shunt of the HS series with the resistance value 50 µΩ. This allows currents of up to 1000 A and a rated power of 50 Watt. The dimensions are 40 x 22 or 80 x 22 (LxW, in mm), the thickness is 2 mm. The voltage is measured […]

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New Hybrid Polymer Series from Rubycon – High ripple current

29. April 2020

The new PSV series from Rubycon combines long life at high temperature with a constant ESR and high ripple currents. The Japanese capacitor specialist Rubycon guarantees a lifetime of 3000 hours for the PSV series at an ambient temperature of 135⁰C. The low ESR is largely stable over the entire temperature range. The ripple currents […]

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High Power discharge resistor from KOA

19. March 2020

KOA offers its proven High-Power series BGRV, BWRV and BSRV now also completely with automotive certification. The wirewound (BGRV, BWRV) or metal oxide coated (BSRV) power resistors in ceramic housing are available with different connection styles. The component is suitable for high switching currents and as charging or discharging resistor. Rated powers between 3W and […]

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RN73R – KOA with improved Thin Film series

20. December 2019

The KOA industrial standard Thin Film series RN73 becomes RN73R. But not only the designation changes, some technical parameters also improve significantly. For example, derating in the context of Rated Ambient Temperature only starts at 85°C, compared to 70°C before. Furthermore the long-term stability during the Load Life Test (1000h) improves to ±0.1%, compared to […]

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Rubycon Polymer Hybrid

Rubycon Updates on Polymer Hyprid Capacitors

17. April 2019

The Japanese capacitor specialist Rubycon announces an upgrade of several series of SMD polymer hybrid capacitors. The PFV series (Load life: 4000h at 125 °C) has been extended by the operating voltage 80V. The PJV series (Load life: 4000h at 125 °C, High capacity) is now available with 50V and 63V operating voltages. For example, […]

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Wide Terminal

WK73 from KOA – Thick Film Wide Terminal Type with new sizes

22. January 2019

KOA has extended the WK73 series by several sizes. For the WK73R (resistance ≥ 10 Ohm), three sizes are added, namely 0508, 0306 and 0204. The WK73S (resistance <10 Ohm) has been extended by size 0508. For size 0508 the rated power is spezified up to 1 Watt, for 0306 to 0.5 Watt and for […]

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RS73 – High Precision and High Reliability

8. June 2018

KOA’s new RS73-series is designed for high precision and high reliability applications by using thick film technology. With a T.C.R. down to 25ppm and a tolerance as low as 0.1%, the new RS73-series from KOA is ideal for precision designs such as high-accuracy sensing or voltage detection circuits in automotive, industrial and measuring applications, where […]

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SG73G Impulsfest

SG73G – Pulse Proof High Precision Resistor from KOA

25. January 2018

KOA now offers an advanced version of the proven SG73P-series. The Thickfilm SG73G-series is characterized by low resistance tolerance (0.5% or 0.25%) and a low TK (±50 ppm/K). This is possible because KOA optimized the resistive material and the production process. The SG73G-series has the same one-pulse characteristics as the SG73P-series. Until now three sizes […]

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