Rubycon TAV

Rubycon expands TAV series – Long Life, Low ESR

The Japanese capacitor specialist Rubycon is expanding its chip aluminium electrolytic capacitor series TAV with the case sizes 8×10.5 and 10×10.5 mm. The TAV series is designed for a lifetime up to 4000 hours, the temperature range goes up to 125⁰C. For the ø 8mm the capacity is given with 220 µF, for ø 10mm 330 µF are possible. The values named are all valid at a rated voltage of 35V. Very good values are given for ESR and ripple current: these are 0.15 Ohm and 500 mA (8×10.5) as well as 0.12 Ohm and 800 mA (10×10.5).


The TAV series is suitable for automotive applications, accordingly the product is AEC-Q200 tested. The Rubycon portfolio includes a range of chip aluminium electrolytic capacitor series covering different requirements of temperature, lifetime, low ESR or low impedance.

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