Hochtemperatur Widerstand

KOA: Pulse resistant high temperature resistor

KOA now offers a resistor that combines pulse resistance with high-temperature characteristics. The series called HSG73P (sizes 0402 – 1206) can be used in ambient temperatures of up to 200⁰C. In relation to the ambient temperature, derating starts at 70⁰C; if the terminal part temperature is used as a basis, derating starts at 105 resp. 125⁰C. The nominal power for size 0402 is 0.2 Watt, for size 1206 0.75 Watt is possible.


Furthermore, the component has very good pulse properties. In this respect, the HSG73P is comparable to KOA’s proven SG73P series. This means a pulse load capacity about 7 times higher than comparable standard Thickfilm resistors. For example, with size 1206 a load of 270 watts is possible for 10µs. Of course, the HSG73P series also meets the requirements according to AEC-Q200.


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