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New from KOA: WN73H – Thin-film precision resistor as Wide Terminal type

KOA is extending its portfolio of thin-film precision resistors. The terminations of the WN73H are fitted on the long sides, which enables significantly higher rated power compared to normally terminated thin-film types. The WN73H1J (size 0603) has a rated power of 0.3 Watts, while the WN73H2B (size 0612) has a rated power of 1 Watt. Derating starts at 85⁰C (ambient temp.) or 125⁰C (terminal part temp.). The WN73H data sheet:


The WN73H is currently offered in the two sizes 0306 and 0612, the available TCRs are ±50, ±25 and ±10 ppm/K, the available initial tolerances are ±0.5, ±0.25 and ±0.1%. Like all thin-film series from KOA, the WN73H has a very good long-term stability; the typical ΔR in the 1000-hour endurance test is specified with 0.04%. Currently, quality samples of the WN73H are available; mass production will start in April 2024. Of course, the WN73H meets the requirements of AEC-Q200.

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