Low-Ohm series UR73V – Higher performance, improved T.C.R.

KOA now offers the Thick Film Low Ohm series UE73V with improved performance data. The Current Sensing Resistor is available in the sizes 0805 and 1206, the value range in each case goes from 10 mOhm to 100 mOhm. From 15 mOhm (size 0805) resp. from 12 mOhm (size 1206) on a T.C.R. of 75 ppm/k is specified. With a terminal part temperature of 125⁰C a rated power of 0.5 Watt applies to both sizes, with a terminal part temperature of 95⁰C a rated power of up to 1 Watt is possible for size 1206.


The low T.C.R. of the UR73V series and the wide operating temperature range from -55°C to +155°C, enable applications in the automotive sector and in highly reliable DC-DC converters. The series can be a cost-effective alternative to “Metal-Plate” shunt resistors. Of course, the component meets the requirements of AEC-Q200.

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