Black-Flex FFC

New at ZeB: Black-Flex FFC from SUMIDA

The Nuremberg-based specialist for connection technology ZeB Elektrotechnik has a new development from SUMIDA flexible connections in its product portfolio. Highly flexible FFC cables (Flexible Flat Cables) with black insulation foil are offered under the name PANTA Black-Flex FFC. Due to their black colour, they are easy to install and hide in shadow joints. SUMIDA offers the Black-Flex FFCs from pitch A (2.54 mm) in different variants.


Highly flexible flat cables offer an efficient and easy-to-use connection system that shows its advantages wherever low weight and high packing density are required in restricted packaging spaces. The flat design allows users a wide range of different applications. The advantages of this technology include high tensile strength, low weight per unit area, high flexibility and high heat resistance. Furthermore, PANTA Black-Flex FFC fulfils the flame protection according to UL94-VTM-0, the flat cable can be used up to 105⁰C.

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