New Transponder Coils from KOA with AEC-Q200 qualification

New Transponder Coils from KOA with AEC-Q200 qualification

KOA has expanded its inductor portfolio by adding the KT11835 and the KTZ1030 transponder coils. Both coils are optimized for the high requirements of the automotive industry. Key features of the KOA transponder coils are the high mechanical reliability with 4 terminals, high Q and excellent sensitivity up to 75mV/μT in the low-frequency region around 125 kHz.

The 4 terminals of KOA’s molded KT11835-series are positioned on the sides and don’t interrupt the magnetic flux. The part withstands horizontal mechanical load of more than 100N and shows the highest level of sensitivity. The Z-axis transponder coil KTZ1030 with its 10x10mm size and only 3.2mm max. height was especially optimized for the mechanical and electrical demands of RFID design. Both series are AEC-Q200 qualified and meet EU-RoHS requirements.

Application examples are RFID, Wireless identification, Automobile Industry (Keyless entry/start, Smart-key, Immobilizer, TPMS-system), Logistics and Security systems.

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