Hybrid Polymer Rubycon

New Hybrid Polymer Series from Rubycon – High ripple current

The new PSV series from Rubycon combines long life at high temperature with a constant ESR and high ripple currents. The Japanese capacitor specialist Rubycon guarantees a lifetime of 3000 hours for the PSV series at an ambient temperature of 135⁰C. The low ESR is largely stable over the entire temperature range. The ripple currents are remarkable. A PSV with 35V and a capacity of 270µF allows a current of up to 3000mA, at 63V and 56µF 2100mA is possible. Cup sizes of 8×10.5 and 10×10.5 are available.


In addition to the conductive polymer, Rubycon’s hybrid polymer technology also relies on a special gel – called functional liquid – which enables improved self-healing of the anode foil and higher capacities. The process of adding this gel is called hybridization. Not using classical electrolytes also prevents them from drying out, which leads to improved life time properties. Of course, the PSV series meets all requirements according to AEC-Q200.

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