High Power discharge resistor from KOA

KOA offers its proven High-Power series BGRV, BWRV and BSRV now also completely with automotive certification. The wirewound (BGRV, BWRV) or metal oxide coated (BSRV) power resistors in ceramic housing are available with different connection styles. The component is suitable for high switching currents and as charging or discharging resistor. Rated powers between 3W and 40W are possible, the resistance range is between 75kΩ and 75kΩ. The tolerances are 5% or 10%, the components can be used at temperatures up to 155⁰C.


Possible applications are battery units, converter circuits and on-board chargers in e-mobility (HEV, EV), as well as converter/inverters in industrial applications. Of course, BGRV, BWRV and BSRV are tested according to AEC-Q200.

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