High Power Shunt

HS series from KOA – current sensing with 50 µΩ

KOA now offers the high current measuring shunt of the HS series with the resistance value 50 µΩ. This allows currents of up to 1000 A and a rated power of 50 Watt. The dimensions are 40 x 22 or 80 x 22 (LxW, in mm), the thickness is 2 mm. The voltage is measured by two pins located near the resistive element. The resistance tolerance is max. ±5%, the power derating starts at 105 ⁰C Terminal Part Temperature. All versions of the HS meet the requirements according to AEC-Q200.


In addition to the value 50 µΩ, the HS series also offers the values 100 and 200 µΩ. This corresponds to rated powers resp. currents of 36 Watt (600 A) and 18 Watt (300 A). The dimensions of the copper terminals can be customized for all values. In addition, each HS type is provided with a 2D code, which contains information about the exact resistance value, the lot number, or even the specific TCR.


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