WK73 High Power

WK73 from KOA – High Power Thick Film Wide Terminal Type

KOA offers now a Power up version of its proven WK73 series. Using the concept of Terminal Part Temperature, Power Ratings of 1.5 Watt (size 0612), 2 Watt (size 1020) and 3 Watt (size 1225) are possible. In every case the derating starts at 95°C. Outstanding features of this component are excellent heat dissipation characteristics as well as superior temperature and power cycling performance. The temperature range is specified with -55 to + 155ᵒC, the resistance range reaches from 10 mOhm to 1 MOhm. The series is tested according the AEC-Q200 requirements.

The standard WK73 series is available in sizes 0204 to 1225, with a rated power from 0,33 to 2 Watt. A distinction is made between the value ranges from 10 mOhm up to 9.76 Ohm (WK73S – only size 0612 to 1225) and 10 Ohm to 1Mohm (WK73R). The series is available in the tolerances 1% and 5%, the temperature range is also from -55 to + 155ᵒC. All sizes are tested according AEC-Q200 requirements. The complete series also exists in a special anti-sulphuration version, designated as WK73-RT.

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