Rubycon Polymer Hybrid

Rubycon Updates on Polymer Hyprid Capacitors

The Japanese capacitor specialist Rubycon announces an upgrade of several series of SMD polymer hybrid capacitors. The PFV series (Load life: 4000h at 125 °C) has been extended by the operating voltage 80V. The PJV series (Load life: 4000h at 125 °C, High capacity) is now available with 50V and 63V operating voltages. For example, a capacitance of 150µF (size 10×10.5) is possible with a voltage of 50V, an ESR of 28mΩ and a ripple current of 2200 mArms. The PHV series (Load life: 4000h at 135 °C) has also been extended by the operating voltages 50V and 63V.


Polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors use a mixture of solid polymer electrolytes and a liquid electrolyte. Compared to pure polymer types this enables a high capacitance with high temperature stability, low ESR and high ripple current. The Rubycon series mentioned above all meet the requirements of AEC-Q200.

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